Create a Public Art toolkit for planning, funding, and public process recommendations to enable more neighborhood residents to take control of Public Art creation


Create a North End public art advisory committee made up of key stakeholders (residents, business owners, arts organizations, and others) to help connect individuals and organizations wishing to install Public Art with other community members for input and to provide assistance with promotion and education for community-focused Public Art.


Encourage individuals and organizations installing Public Art in the North End to hold at least one (1) community meeting prior to planning a installation to get more input from North End residents and business owners, as guided by the toolkit.


Encourage Public Art installations to be more inclusive of community history, values, and other characteristics valued by North End residents and business owners. 


Encourage the creation of Public Art to take place on publicly-owned land such as parks, community centers, and more.


Convene arts entities and individual artists in the North End to determine needs and create strategies to solve those issues


Support artistic efforts that are non-commercially based that highlight North End culture


Include artists in conversations around community development processes at all stages - including conception, planning, engagement, and execution