Public Space Recommendations


Castlewood Park

Improve Pedestrian Access to Castlewood Park - particularly access across Bryan Avenue, and the intersections at Bryan Avenue/Castlewood Drive/Maple Street.


Encourage the installation of more seating, benches, trash cans, and lighting.


Work with other organizations to help program more outdoor events and family-friendly gatherings in the Park.


Work with neighborhood organizations to plant more trees in Castlewood Park.


Ensure all trees in Castlewood Park are properly mulched and maintained.


Duncan Park

Work with LFUCG Division of Parks & Recreation to reinstall benches, tables, trash cans, update the water fountains, and install new lighting throughout the park.


Work with LFUCG Division of Parks & Recreation to create a feasibility plan for installing brick-and-mortar bathroom facilities.


Work with the Nest and area arts organizations to help program the North Limestone side of the park to make it more accessible and inviting.


Work with Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association to encourage more programming and events in the park on a more consistent basis.


Advocate for funding to provide better maintenance of Duncan Park basketball courts.


Streets and Sidewalks

Create a full survey of streets, sidewalks, and intersections that are in need of repair, ranked in priority order of need.


Advocate for further reductions in speed limits in the North End.


Advocate for turning North Limestone into a completely two-way street to reduce the speed of traffic and allow greater ease of transportation.


Advocate for the installation of new public trash cans on streets throughout the North End.


Advocate for street reconfiguration to include separated bike lanes and high-quality sidewalks, planted buffers and street trees where space allows.


Partner with LFUCG to enhance / supplement / advertise the Sidewalk Reconstruction Assistance program.


Community Gardens

Advocate for the creation of a new type of Code of Ordinance which allows for greater usage of Community Gardens, to be applied to a wide range of zoning classifications.


Work with Seedleaf and other Community Gardening organizations to complete any necessary repairs or expansions in infrastructure for Community Gardens in the North End.


Determine, advocate for, and secure dedicated funding streams for Community Garden maintenance and operation.


Other Public Spaces

Work with LFUCG Division of Parks and Recreation to provide more lighting in Brucetown Park.


Work with the residents of Brucetown neighborhood to determine further needs and issues with Brucetown Park.


Work with developers and private property owners to encourage any new Privately Owned Public Space to comply with the principles of the NYC Division of Planning’s POPS guidelines.


Opportunities for Improved Public Spaces

Determine, advocate for, and secure funding streams for public space interventions in the North End of Lexington.


Work with Bryan Ave. residents, business owners, and employees as well as the LFUCG Division of Planning to determine the potential of creating public space interventions on and along Bryan Avenue.


Evaluate the Castlewood Street Soccer Court Pilot Project to determine if future a permanent facility for street soccer is required and assess the demand for tennis courts in the park.


Discuss the opportunity of a public space intervention with the property owner of the North Broadway parking lot; if successful, work with residents on Withers and Fairlawn to determine highest and best use, as well as the steps to test that use.


Work with Kentucky Utilities and North Limestone property owners to determine if the public space interventions are possible for their spaces, then engage with 700 block of North Limestone residents, business owners and employees about what is needed in those spaces.


Work with STEAM Academy to do engagement and project design for Sixth and North Limestone public space interventions.