Adding New Sections

There were several aspects of community development in the North End that were not adequately addressed in this document’s current form. This does not mean that these issues were deemed less important, but that the North Limestone CDC was funded to examine the areas that were included in the document, and did not have funding to consider those that were omitted. 

In order to address this issue, North Limestone CDC staff has created a schedule to add to the document the topics that are missing. It should be up to the organization, and the community that it serves, to self-organize around these topics, and solicit funding if necessary.


Schedule for North Limestone Cultural Plan Additions:

  • Housing - Summer 2017
  • Community & Social Services  - Winter 2017
  • Transportation - Summer 2018
  • Education - Winter 2018
  • Healthcare - Summer 2019

Each of these additions should be based in community dialogue, as well as research into national best practices and data from the existing conditions of the neighborhood. All forms of engagement should follow the principles set forth in the previous section. It is recommended that the North Limestone CDC forms a small committee for each of these topics that includes a staff person from the CDC, a relevant local expert from the field, and more than three North End residents. These committee structures have the potential to make the process more immersed in the community and could bring more energy to the issues.