Moving Forward

The remainder of this document will show a wide range of community input, and differing vision for the future of the North End of Lexington. However, just because this input has been gathereddoes not mean that these viewpoints represent everyone in the North End. 

It is important to understand that there are many different ways of looking at the North End. While some people might look at dilapidated housing and see blight, others might see childhood memories.  Where one sees a beautiful mural celebrating the vision of an artist, another might see a new identity placed on their neighborhood that they had no say in, don’t like, and can't get rid of. 

There is a need to create spaces for open and honest dialogue about the changes that are happening within the culture of the neighborhood. Inevitably, older generations of people will be replaced by younger ones,  and the North End culture will shift. The neighborhood is at a crucial turning point, and it is important for people to meet others where they are, and understand that they might have different viewpoints.

Many of the changes that are currently happening in the North End of Lexington can either erode the cultural fabric of the neighborhood, or lift it up and celebrate it. Many neighbors that are moving in (which largely have more access to economic, political, and social capital) can help bring about the changes that have been desired by North End residents for generations; however, these changes cannot come solely from new influence and capital. This work needs to be rooted in the relationships and existing assets in the North End, with new influence and capital augmenting it.