Current Ways to Access Fresh and Healthy Foods

Many of the attendees at the community dinners reinforced the evidence of limited options for purchasing fresh and healthy food within the North End. The majority of respondents indicated that the current options for accessing healthy foods were through grassroots approaches - including community gardens and CSA programs. 

Several respondents also indicated they accessed fresh and healthy food outside to the North Limestone area, including locations like Sav-A-Lot, Kroger’s, and Trader Joes. While these options are within driving distance of the neighborhood (with Sav-A-Lot and the Kroger’s on Bryan Station Rd. being the closest), lack of access to auto transportation made them largely inaccessible. Of the locations that were walkable, residents indicated they were concerned about crossing the busy roads that essentially “cut them off” - North Broadway for Sav-A-Lot, and New Circle Road for Kroger.

Unique Food Access

As a response to few options for fresh and healthy food access in the neighborhood, the North End has become home to many unique options for accessing fresh and healthy foods, including Seedleaf’s community gardens, and the co-operative Fresh Stop Markets program. While these options provide relief for residents, without increased support they can not necessarily fully replace a full-service grocer located within the neighborhood. Community Gardens in the North End are also profiled in the Public Space section of this document.


“How can people get healthy fresh food in the North Limestone neighborhood?”