Most Used Neighborhood Services

According to an assessment of North End residents, the most frequently used service in the North End was the parks system. More details about the preferences of neighborhood residents and identified needs for these parks will be detailed in the Public Space section of this document.

A close second were the restaurants, grocery stores, and food access options, though they were limited. A few specific locations were mentioned including Al's Bar, Maria's Kitchen, and the Sav-A-Lot on North Broadway. Residents did distinguish these traditional business models from alternative economic models such as Fresh Stop Markets and Community Gardens. Issues involving food access in the North End of Lexington will be detailed further in the Food Access section of this document.

The next most frequently used neighborhood services were the retail businesses that exist in the neighborhood. Of these retail businesses, residents identified the Dollar Tree on North Broadway, and the Rite-Aid at the corner of Loudon and North Broadway as the most used. More about neighborhood businesses will be discussed in the Business section.

Also identified were city and social services, including mention of the School System, Police and Fire, as well as Waste Management.  Non-profit organizations were also lumped into this category, with several being specifically mentioned - the Dunbar Community Center on North Upper, Community Action Council, Common Good at Embrace Church, and the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning, located just south of the North End.