Services in the North End

North End community members identified a significant number of services that were needed in the neighborhood. Responses broke down into three major categories: Continuing Education, Food Services, and Community Spaces.

In the Continuing Education category, residents emphasized the need for accessible secondary education and bilingual services. Residents wanted employment programs that could help individuals learn how to apply for jobs, create a resume, and train individuals for reentering the workforce. Also mentioned were financial literacy classes, including specific topics like home budgeting and business planning.  

To reiterate, there was a particular emphasis expressed forthe need for bilingual versions these services.

In the Food Services category, residents expressed a need for increased availability of fresh and healthy eating alternatives. This was expressed through three specific outlets: a farmers market, a better grocery store, and inexpensive healthy dining options. While much of this will be detailed in both the Food Access and the Business sections of this document, it is important to touch again upon the serious need for healthy, affordable, and accessible eating opportunities in the North End.

Lastly, there was a need for Community Spaces identified by residents. They expressed a strong need for a more centralized Community Center that could promote the commingling of different people within the neighborhood. They also expressed the need for more family facilities, particularly affordable daycare options and family-friendly community arts activities and music venues

Several other things were identified as needs by neighborhood residents. These included a dog park, additional public gathering space and green spaces, affordable fitness and health classes, healthcare and medical services, increased transportation options, venues to express the diversity in the neighborhood, and more children's activities. These aspects were not mentioned as frequently as the others listed previously.

Interestingly, a number of these services already exist within the neighborhood, particularly financial support services. Community Ventures, a nonprofit organization that is located on North Broadway, provides financial assistance programs that few in the neighborhood were aware of. Providing better on-the-ground connection between these already-existing services and the community members that need them is a simple and effective way to help fill some of the needs indicated by residents.

In the following sections of this document, more detail will be given on individual Neighborhood Services which were studied by the North Limestone CDC and partners on the North Limestone Cultural Plan.