Connections Between Existing Businesses and Residents

Despite the growing number of successful businesses within the North End, there are disconnects between some long-time neighborhood residents and new businesses. In a series of street-level conversations, North Limestone CDC staff asked pedestrians in the neighborhood about their perceptions of new business startups in the area.

Of those interviewed, roughly one-third of the interviewed pedestrians reported that they patronized newer businesses in the North End and more than half of this group suggested that the price point of the new businesses within the North End was too high, or that they did not feel like the businesses were “for them.”

While this is not a scientific sample, it is clear that there is a cultural divide between some long-time residents of the North End and the new businesses that are opening in the area. While this is not necessarily the fault of either party, there are potential steps that new businesses could take to make long-time residents of the North End feel more welcomed in their business. These strategies could include discounts for neighborhood residents or “neighborhood days”, alternative marketing strategies, or even simply new business owners getting into better relationship with existing neighborhood residents.