A mile northeast of the “new” zero-mile marker in Lexington, Kentucky is the intersection of North Limestone and Loudon streets, at the heart of the North End. This intersection has witnessed a significant amount of change throughout its history.

By some standards, a place’s historical worth is measured only by the “George Washington slept here” standard where only a connection with a significant individual seems to matter, or if the soil contains the blood from a conflict between warring parties. But history is far more than major dates, events, or places. Another approach to viewing the history of a place is through the lives of people - where they lived, worked, played, and traveled; the interconnectedness of people with neighbors speaks far more to how a particular society functioned. This is the approach that this history will take.

But to fully understand and appreciate this, one must first recognize the North End’s role in how Lexington and the region developed.