Spalding's Bakery

In 1929, Bowman J. Spalding and his wife, Zelma, started baking donuts from their home on Rand Avenue. Five years later, they opened the B.J. Spalding Bakery, located at the southeast corner of North Limestone and Sixth streets. Their donuts became famous across Lexington, with workers, church groups, and others from across the city. In an interview with the Herald Leader in 1990, B.J. Spalding’s son said that his father, then 85, was still going strong “so I guess we’re going to be here for a while longer.” 

Spalding’s Bakery was there a little longer. It wasn’t for another fourteen years that Bowman J. Spalding would retire and the family would close the neighborhood bakery. Fifteen months later, the family reopened at a new location on Winchester Road with a façade designed to mimic the old location.